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Check Pages 1 - 3 of JC605 Basecoat Blender - Home - PPG Industries in the flip PDF version. JC605 Basecoat Blender - Home - PPG Industries was published by on 2015-04-16. Find more similar flip PDFs like JC605 Basecoat Blender - Home - PPG Industries. Download JC605 Basecoat Blender - Home - PPG Industries PDF for free.

SHOP-LINE ®JP33X Series 2K ... JB Acrylic Basecoat JBP Acrylic Urethane Basecoat JE Acrylic Enamel JE Acrylic Enamel / Activated JAU Direct Gloss Acrylic Urethane . ... Mixing Ratios JP33x JH30X JR50X 4 : 1 : 1 Pot life 1 hour at 70ºF (21ºC) Additives Square foot coverage at 1 mil JX993 Flexible Additive, 10% to RTS ...
    1. Jul 28, 2019 · To do it and have it look like the body you have to use actual automotive base coat and clear. I used ppg's shop line base coat and clearcoat. Their clear is JC630 if I remember correctly. That's all applied with a spray gun. The prep is the hard part. Pull it off and clean it with dawn dish soap and water really good.
    2. JBP Shop-Line Plus Acrylic Urethane Basecoat JB Acrylic Basecoat JAU Acrylic Urethane Direct Gloss JE Acrylic Enamel / Activated Preparation Allow basecoat color to dry a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 24 hours before clearing. After 24 hours the basecoat should be lightly sanded and reapplied before applying JC660. Mixing
    3. Shopline jb basecoat mix ratio. 30 with family history and genealogy records from anderson, indiana 1868-2015. Classica rc 10608 b/4 black Rockbag Classica. The latest clothing, shoes, accessories & beauty. All are formulated to optimize the throughput, hiding power and color match of the Shop-Line ® refinish system. Jansport Superbreak - £39 ...
    4. Shake the base coat well. This is extremely important. Use a scale to measure the paint and catalyst. Do not use the ratios on the sides of mixing cups. They...
    5. Mixing Ratio: 2 ESSS 1 ESB800 1 ESH210 Hand shake ESB800 before addition Pot Life: 1.5 hours @ 70ºF( 21ºC ) / 50% RH NOTE: High heat and humidity will shorten pot life Spray Viscosity: #2 Zahn Cup 15-30 seconds Additives: N/A Spray gun Set-up: HVLP Conventional Fluid Tip 1.3 - 1.7 mm 1.3 - 1.7 mm Air Pressure 8 - 10 PSI at 50 - 60 PSI the cap
    6. Determine your manufacturer's mixing ratio. For Excel or other base clears, it is almost always 50/50 with reducer/clear. Add reducer/clear, our product, and mix to one sprayable quart. Note: When mixing Ghost Pearl, use only 1 teaspoon per mixed quart (a little less over black base coat), and for metal flake, use 1 heaping Tablespoon per ...
    7. This mixing ratio is for the ShopLine product by PPG.Two Stage Painting Ratio's:Base Coat Clear Coat Paint's as you may know are todays newest paint products. The water borne paint is also a base/clear paint. Base coat mixing is always a 50/50 mixture.Very easy. 1 cup of base (your paint color) + 1 cup reducer = ready to paint.Your paint ...
    8. ChromaPremier® Basecoat ChromaPremier® Single Stage Topcoat ChromaBase® Basecoat MIX RATIO Combine the components by volume or weight (cumulative pt.). Mix thoroughly. Component Volume Weight 7710S™ 2K Urethane Sealer 4 505 grams 77X5S™ Activator-Reducer 1 600 grams 7740S™ / 7770S™ 2K Urethane Sealer 4 493 grams
    9. UBLV is an easy to spray fast-drying basecoat/clearcoat system that provides a long-lasting and very high gloss topcoat finish result. UBLV Paint Color has a 2 to 1 Mixing Ratio, 2 parts UBLV Paint Color to 1 part XR Urethane Reducer. UBVL Basecoat color requires a 2 to 1 mix ratio with one of the XR series exempt urethane reducers before spraying.
    Mixing Ratio. 8 Parts Paint 2 Parts Reducer 1 Part Hardener/Activator. Example - 8oz paint, 2oz reducer, and 1oz hardener. To mix this product, measure out the items into a mixing cup. Mix only enough paint to spray at that time. DO NOT mix all material at the same time. Repeat process as needed. Pot Life
Nov 20, 2013 · I am painting my car with PPG Shopline JB series. The color already has a ton of pearl in it. My jobber told me there is close to 2 ounces of pearl in each quart of base (before mixing reducer). I want to add more pearl.

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ratio, the flash times between coats may be extended. For metallic and pearl colors, the 10:10:1 ratio should be used for the final coat to improve metallic control and orientation. Pot Life: 8 hours at 70°F (21°C) Tinting: JBPX color may be tinted up to 10% with Shop-Line mixing bases and equal parts J136 JBX converter. Additives: None

Mix Ratio Air PSI Application Flash Time Baking; Nasco/Astron Alkyd Enamel: Nasco/Astron Color 483-08TM Hardener or 483-13TM/14TM 441-)001 Reducer with 483-08TM only: 8 Parts 1 Part 2 Parts w 483-08: 60-80 PSI HVLP 8-10 PSI: 2 Medium-Full Wct Coats 1 Final Mist Coat: 10-15 Min. Between Coats 10-15 Mut. To Bake: 20-30 Mm. @ 140° Ful-Base: Ful ...For use as a color blender, Mix up to 1 part ready to spray JC605 to 1part ready to spray JBP Basecoat and step out the color mixture into the blend area. For use as a wet bed, apply 1 medium coat of ready to spray JC605 over the repair area, allow to flash for 5-10 minutes before applying JBP color or JC605 / JBP color mixture. Dry Times

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